The Haven Portugal

Shoan & Michelle Holley

Shoan grew up in the very small town of Flatonia, Texas, and Michelle was born and raised in Austin, Texas. They met while attending university in Brownwood, Texas. Shoan has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Michelle received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. They were married in January 1994, and are still deeply in love and are each other’s best friend.  They have four adult children and a granddaughter.  Shoan has worked in the non-profit and Kingdom sectors all of his career, with an emphasis on training in things of the heart.  The Holleys resided in Northeast Africa from 2004 – 2006.  Having walked through difficult circumstances, they have experience in holding onto peace in hard times.  They are very excited to help, serve and bless the guests who come to The Haven. Shoan and Michelle have served at The Haven since April 2015.